“I know hurricane shutters can help save my house, but can they help sell it?”

Dean Gatzlaff (Real Estate), Kathleen McCullough (Associate Dean, College of Business), Lori Medders (Center Director) and Chuck Nyce (Risk Management/ Insurance) recently completed research on The Impact of Hurricane Mitigation Features and Inspection Information on House Prices.

The Storm Center and former head of Cat Fund team up on Florida’s disaster policy interventions in DC

Lori Medders (Center Director) and Jack Nicholson (formerly COO of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund) wrote an invited paper for discussion and a policy brief for Resources for the Future (www.rff.org).

“Why do they keep doing that?!”: Researchers look at cognitive differences and ‘smart’ messages

Different people respond differently to the same information. This divergence in reactions is especially concerning when considering emergency preparedness for catastrophic situations. Indeed, the conventional “one simple instructive message” approach can have unintended adverse consequences.

We took a break to consider cat risk issues with graduate students

During Spring Break week, Lori Medders (Center Director) co-coordinated and team taught the graduate course Law & Risk Management at Florida State University.

Which policy strategies for promoting mitigation are most successful?

Kathleen McCullough (Associate Dean – College of Business), Lori Medders (Center Director) and Sue Ellen Smith (Center Program Manager) recently studied State and Local Policy Instruments for Promotion of Catastrophe Mitigation (findings to be published in a future issue of the Journal of Insurance Regulation).

Zillow: Nearly 1 million homes threatened by sea-level rise in 80 years

More than 934,000 Florida homes would be lost if the oceans rise by six feet, as scientists expect them to in 84 years, according to an analysis by Zillow.

National Hurricane Center says Northeast Florida 'got lucky' with Hurricane Matthew

The National Hurricane Center met with emergency leaders in Clay County for a post-Hurricane Matthew forum. The director of the National Hurricane Center, Dr. Rick Knabb, worries that people in Northeast Florida will think the worst is behind us.

Humans sparked 84 percent of US wildfires, increased fire season over two decades

Humans have dramatically increased the spatial and seasonal extent of wildfires across the US in recent decades and ignited more than 840,000 blazes in the spring, fall and winter seasons over a 21-year period, according to new research.

Resources pertaining to catastrophic storm risk

Describes our global, U.S., and Florida storm risk including:

  • Levels of risk and cost drivers;
  • The insurance and reinsurance environment;
  • How the risk is being addressed.

Links to even more resources are provided under Resources including links to other risk management organizations, news sources, relevant papers and reports, weather information, and more.